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Fall in all its Glory! 2017

Early fall in Canaan Valley is a glorious time of year…maples dropping bright red leaves, aspens tinged in yellow and cool, clear sunny days. Here at Black Bear Resort, you can enjoy your first of two falls, as our elevation of over 3,200 feet means our autumn begins much earlier than the lowlands’…or the calendar’s!   Revenge of the Rattlesnake Ultra MTB Race: Sunday, September 17 The cloudless blue skies are the backdrop for a[…]

Experience the Best of Spring at Black Bear Resort in Canaan Valley, WV

Spring is here! Nestled in the mountains of Tucker County, WV our Canaan Valley Spring weather can be pleasantly unpredictable. Sunny blue skies, a winter wonderland and a “snuggle by the fireplace” rainy afternoon can occur all in the same day! Plan for everything and adjust daily. But accommodating all that wacky weather is worthwhile as a day or two in our quiet little slice of heaven does something that just seems to rejuvenate your spirit.[…]