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Celebrate Spring at Black Bear Resort

People ask “what is there to do in the Spring in Canaan Valley? The slopes are closed, the golf course is not open, what is there to do?” I think to myself: Spring is my favorite time of year! There are so many things to do here…or…you can choose to simply do nothing.


Spring Buds

In Early Spring, you might just want to come to relax. Come for the weekend, build a fire, pour a glass of wine and do…nothing. Relax in your cabin, stroll through our small towns, visit amazing art galleries and shops and schedule a last minute massage. Later, enjoy dinner at one of our quaint restaurants or share time together cooking with family or friends in the cabin. The warming nights of Spring invite one outside to view the myriad stars; a unique and unforgettable opportunity afforded by our higher elevation and lack of city lights.


Canaan Valley Stars

For me, Spring means simply walking through the forests and feeling the warm sun, breathing the crisp air, rejuvenating my spirit and helping me focus on new beginnings. The feeling you get from these simplicities allows you to completely clear your mind, body and soul.

Still, for the more adventurous, Spring has much to offer! Be advised: the weather is capricious. Be prepared for daytime temperature swings of tens of degrees. Dress accordingly. Sun, snow, rain and even ice can happen on the same day! But braving the weather is worth it. You’ll see hundreds of varieties of fresh-sprouted, delicate Spring flowers. Newborn fawns and wildlife frolic through the fields, and black bears are coming out of hibernation following their long Winter respite. One of my favorite Spring pastimes is gathering our famous “ramps” (wild, pungent leeks) and then preparing a Springtime feast!

Hiking enthusiasts begin their season on numerous trails through thousands of acres of vibrant scenery. Spring brings snow-melt-swollen creeks for kayaking, whitewater rafting and trout fishing. With the snow and ice melting away, rock climbers can once again be spotted on the walls of Seneca. Check out our list of out door activities!


Raging Rivers!

This season of transition reveals the rugged character of the trails and landscape. Rocks and roots that have been hiding under the snowpack emerge, and with them the sport of mountain biking returns with a splash. The rhododendron and mountain laurel have barely begun their gnarly grasp of the trails, making visibility about as good as it gets. Eight months of riding in the woods starts now!

As you visit Canaan Valley, Davis, Thomas, and Parsons you’ll be sure to note the community ramp dinners nearly every weekend! Gathering with the locals as we celebrate this Spring treat is an experience in itself! In addition, there are several area Spring festivals scheduled each year, including the very popular Art Spring in late May.

So come visit us in Canaan Valley this Spring. Let our home at Black Bear Resort become your home for a long weekend during this season of hope. Once you’re here…discover your adventure – or simply do nothing.



Live music at the Purple Fiddle every weekend!


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