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Summertime is in Full Swing!

See that cool little white spot in the center of the heat wave? That's us.

See that cool little white spot in the center of the heat wave? That’s us.

Whew! “It’s getting hot,” I said to a visitor the other day and she just looked at me. Undeterred, I added “It’s gotta be getting close to 80 this afternoon”. She spoke: “It was 99 yesterday in Richmond!” But check it out for yourself; here’s our Canaan weather.

“City people” who come to the mountains for the first time find it’s often 15 to 20 degrees cooler in Canaan Valley than in the neighboring cities. Some folks think it’s due to the heat buildup of all the roads and buildings crowded together. Those of us who live here know: we’re just cooler in the mountains. Cooler natural surroundings, cooler mountain streams, cooler elevation, and hey, cool (we think) people.

Black Bear Resort is located right in the middle of this cool mountain community. We have rental vacation homes where you can put up your whole family. Or rent one of our many custom-themed units with Jacuzzi and balcony. All these overlook the generous 45-acres of your Black Bear property. While here you can enjoy our expansive lodge, maybe toast a ‘smore in one of our several fire pits.

The huge Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge with its helpful personnel and visitors’ center is just minutes away. Here you can learn about and enjoy the unique habitats, plants and wildlife of this unique highlands wetland. And they’ll point you to the several nature trails you, or you and your children will enjoy.

Canaan Valley and the surrounding areas offer lots of outdoor entertainment options with horseback riding, biking, fishing, kayaking, rafting, hiking, photography…the list just goes on and on. Check them all out here. Cool, clear air makes for amazing stargazing when the weather is just right.



And when you’re finished running around all day you can come back to Black Bear for our mini-golf, playground, hiking trails, or just to sit by an outdoor fire and relax.

A highlight of August is Brew Skies and this year Black Bear Resort is providing shuttles! On August 19 and 20 Brew Skies brings all of West Virginia’s amazing breweries and loads of talented Appalachian musicians together under big summer skies.

Want an affordable summer getaway; a cool time is just a click away. Come visit us! Check out our units and book online today.


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